We're Napa Acoustic
...and we specialize in simple, elegantly designed and exceptional sounding audio systems that transform your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary...affordably.Our unique audio components are built to very high performance standards but are available at very down-to-earth prices. Sound interesting? Read More
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Today our company continues to pursue its passion for exceptional and affordable audio gear so that great music is accessible to all. Everyone at Napa Acoustic looks forward to welcoming you to our family of satisfied owners. Read More


Napa Acoustic was formed in 2009 by two gentlemen who were enthusiastically involved with High End (High Performance) Audio. The equipment they loved was exotic, spectacular sounding...and spectacularly priced. Read More


We invite you to visit us at the Napa Acoustic Showroom located in Fremont California...a short drive from anywhere in the Bay Area. Bring your favorite music and audition and purchase any of our products in a comfortable and unhurried environment.


See what experts are saying about Napa Acoustic. Please take a minute to read our reviews from Home Theater Review and Enjoythemusic.com. Read More