About Us

Napa Acoustic was formed in 2009 by two gentlemen who were enthusiastically involved with High End (High Performance) Audio. The equipment they loved was exotic, spectacular sounding...and spectacularly priced. But, a love of music and the idea that everyone deserved to have an extraordinary listening experience challenged them to create a company that would take a very different approach to great sound...and not only for well-heeled audiophiles but for anyone with a passion for music

Napa Acoustic Principles

Our team has established three principles to guide their efforts:

1. The equipment would be as faithful as possible to the original recording.
2. High quality, great-sounding components could be designed to be accessible to anyone.
3. Customer service would be the foundation for growing the business. Every effort would be made to ensure complete satisfaction.

With a focus on the above guidelines, Napa Acoustic set about researching, designing, evaluating and manufacturing products that would exceed current standards in terms of size, cosmetics and performance and value. Napa Acoustic now offers a wide range of audio components that meet the needs of today’s music lovers and at prices that reflect the goal of affordability. Whether you are a download enthusiast or the proud owner of a vast CD collection, a Napa Acoustic music system will outperform anything else available at 2-3 times its size and price....and do so with an elegant high-tech style and with a jewel-like attention to detail.

In 2009 Napa Acoustic entered into agreement with Mistral Audio. This company is recognized as an innovator in design, quality, craftsmanship and audio technology. Mistral Electronics has a reputation for continuing research and development in the design of vacuum tube and hybrid amplifiers as well as affordable loudspeakers. Mistral is now a part of the Napa Acoustic Group and contributes to an extended range of products for every taste and budget.

Napa Acoustic believes in a complete approach to providing everything a dedicated music lover needs. The speaker cables and interconnects you use in your system can make a big difference in sound quality. Napa now produces its own line of attractive and affordable cables that challenges conventional wisdom regarding great performance at high cost.

Napa Acoustic also focuses on the commonly overlooked element that can often contribute to or detract from great sound at home: the room itself. Napa Acoustic understood that they must consider this important factor so that their customers could create the best listening environment possible. Napa Acoustic has designed a system of room treatment panels that can be used in any room to reduce reflections, smooth-out response, improve imaging and much more. And in true Napa tradition, these panels are available at a fraction of the cost of competitive products yet performance is not compromised.

Today our company continues to pursue its passion for exceptional and affordable audio gear so that great music is accessible to all. Everyone at Napa Acoustic looks forward to welcoming you to our family of satisfied owners.

Thank you for visiting us!

The Napa Acoustic Team

Napa Acoustic Showroom

We invite you to visit us at the Napa Acoustic Showroom located in Fremont California...a short drive from anywhere in the Bay Area. Bring your favorite music and audition and purchase any of our products in a comfortable and unhurried environment. We encourage you to call us in advance of your visit.

Our normal showroom hours are: Saturday from 12pm to 6pm or by appointment. Please call us at 510-371-3416.

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