Napa Acoustic Room Treatment
RA-801 Acoustic Panel

Sound can be an unpredictable part of your every-day life. The same sound made outdoors, in a car or in your home will be heard very differently in each case. Napa Acoustic experience in audio led us to design an effective and affordable way to control how sound behaves in your listening room and, in turn, significantly improve everything you hear.

The RA801 Acoustic Panel works by absorbing a specific range of sound frequencies and by diffusing, or breaking-up, others. Our panels prevent the walls from creating mirror-like sound patterns and prevent other sections of your room from “gathering” lower frequencies that can create “boomy” bass. When sound is controlled in this way you hear less echo, more realistic vocals, improved bass definition, sweeter highs and other improvements in your music. In the audio business we say “the room has been tamed” and indeed its influence on your music has been “tamed”.

The RA801 Acoustic Panel is easy to attach to your walls at any height and weigh about 8 pounds each. They are large enough to be effective but small enough so that several can be combined in any location if needed. And, in keeping with Napa Acoustic’s philosophy, they provide maximum performance for a fraction of the cost of other “high-end” room treatments.


  • RED
  • GREY


    $159/Single unit


Coefficient (NCR) Rating:
125 Hz - 0.30
250 Hz - 0.51
500 Hz - 0.99
1000 Hz - 1.13
2000 Hz - 1.09
4000 Hz - 1.12

Overall - 0.93

The standard and commonly used method to calculate these ratings is the ASTM 423 test. This method covers frequencies between 125 Hz - 4000 Hz.