NA-208S Monitor Loudspeaker

The NA-208S was designed to take advantage of the performance of the
NA-208A Amplifier but they stand on their own as a remarkably competent and beautifully detailed small monitor for any audio system.
The NA-208S cabinet is elegant in piano black lacquer with easily removable grills. Speaker wire and protective rubber feet are also included. Read More
BUY NOW - $199/pair

DT-307S Monitor Loudspeaker

A unique, contemporary design that also offers many sonic advantages. The small, curved cabinet minimizes dispersion anomalies and provides very effective cancellation of internal standing waves.
The multi-layer MDF cabinet is hand-crafted and exceptionally strong. The speakers are finished in high-gloss lacquer. The DT-307S is small enough for a high-performance desk-top system yet performs great in a compact main system in a small room. Read More
BUY NOW - $299/pair

BOW-A2 Tower Speaker

World acclaimed 4-way tower speaker features European built ribbon tweeter, outboard mounted super-tweeter in seperate enclosure, two 4” midrange speakers, and 10” side mount woofer. Read More
BUY NOW - $2299/pair

BOW-A3 Tower Loudspeakers

The BOW-A3 is a space-saving, floor standing, 3 way speaker system that allows the cost conscious music lover to step up to the satisfaction of a larger, more dynamic listening experience. Read More
BUY NOW - $1,699/pair

BOW-3 Monitor Loudspeakers

The BOW-3 is the answer if an accurate, beautifully-voiced and dynamic speaker
is on your list but the space or budget for a larger, floor model isn’t realistic. Read More
BUY NOW - $999/pair